Treatment for Adolescents Under 18

The drug and alcohol treatment program for adolescents focuses on individuals under the age of 17 who are engaged in substance use or abuse. Clients are offered a combination of individual, family, and specialized group counseling. Toxicology screens are also used as a treatment tool when deemed appropriate. We believe parents to be the most powerful influences in their children’s lives, as a result parents of adolescents in the program are encouraged to attend specialized groups as well which are focused on parenting skills, education, and support.  Often adolescents who are involved in substance abuse may also be in need of secondary services due to other at-risk behaviors and sometimes legal involvement. Additional services for at-risk youth (including case management, anger management, etc.) are also available in agency programs.

Psycho-Educational Group
Targets adolescents at the beginning of treatment in discussing the issues surrounding substance abuse and the greater effects of that behavior. Group members are required to attend a minimum of 12 weeks and complete 6 of 12 tasks before termination.

Support and Recovery Group
For those who have completed the psycho-educational group and may need continued monitoring for possible relapse, this group discusses motivational building, goal setting, refusal skills through role play, planning for high risk situations, and helps clients develop a positive support network and long term relapse prevention plan.

Parent Support Group
This group meets weekly, providing support and active parenting techniques for parents who have adolescents in the program or who have adolescents that are struggling with substance abuse but are not connected with the agency.

Active Parenting Program

At YES Community Counseling Center, we believe in the power of parenting. We maintain the position that an effective parenting style can prevent a great deal of both child and parent pain, and can make the difference in a family’s life. Healthy and effective parenting raises healthy and stable individuals. That’s why YES places a high priority on parenting our next generation by offering several programs to parents and legal guardians.

Active Parenting
All the love we have for our children doesn’t automatically make us effective parents. Parenting, like any other skill, is something we have to learn and practice. In this program, parents spend six weeks developing important skills and techniques as well as discussing common issues. The program is divided into the school-aged and teen subgroups, based on the age of the children being parented.

Cooperative Parenting & Divorce
Children often suffer the most in the midst of a divorce, during this eight-week program parents at any stage of the divorce process meet to discuss issues pertinent to the divorce and maintaining a healthy and cooperative parenting environment and learn the skills necessary to keep their children stable during this often difficult time.

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