Treatment for Adults 26+

The adult treatment program for drug and alcohol abuse combines individual counseling with specialized group counseling for adults aged 26 and up. Depending on each individual’s support networks, couples or family counseling may be encouraged to best address the issues at hand. Each individual receives a comprehensive assessment and recommendations are based on the unique needs of the client.
Adult Psycho-educational Series
A ten-week educational series group created to provide foundational information at the onset of treatment about addiction, mental health, and the function of counseling. Some topics covered include defining addiction, long and short-term effects of drugs and alcohol, phases of recovery, influence of family, healthy coping and communication, as well as stress and anger management skills.

Adult Transition Group
Created to foster growth in the early stages of recovery through education and group support. Participants learn about relapse triggers, problem solving skills, and proven methods of maintaining sobriety. Group members are expected to be respectful to each other, but encouraged to confront the behavior of other members to provide insight and aid in stress reduction, developing coping skills, and minimizing recurrent substance-related behavioral patterns. Topics covered include: Relapse Prevention, Maintaining a Sober Lifestyle, Group Problem Solving, Vocational/Educational Concerns, 5 Stages of Recovery, Individual and Family Intervention, Socialization Skills, Related Addictions (i.e. gambling, nicotine, etc).

YES recognizes that to obtain and maintain long term recovery there are many dimensions and needs beyond one’s addiction. Both the recovery and treatment process requires consideration of overall health and wellness and may require a multitude of services and support. 

Other agency groups and services are available to those in our Chemical Dependency program include:

  • Smoking cessation groups
  • Case management related to domestic violence and/or child abuse
  • Women’s issues support groups
  • Parenting skills group
  • Medical management
Please contact us to register or learn about how we can help you.