YES Parenting Programs

At YES Community Counseling Center, we believe in the power of parenting. We maintain the position that an effective parenting style can prevent a great deal of both child and parent pain, and can make the difference in a family’s life. Healthy and effective parenting raises healthy and stable individuals. That’s why YES places a high priority on parenting our next generation by offering several programs to parents and legal guardians.


Active Parenting

All the love we have for our children doesn’t automatically make us effective parents. Parenting, like any other skill, is something we have to learn and practice. In this program, parents spend six weeks developing important skills and techniques as well as discussing common issues. The program is divided into the school-aged and teen subgroups, based on the age of the children being parented.

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Cooperative Parenting & Divorce

Children often suffer the most in the midst of a divorce, during this eight-week program parents at any stage of the divorce process meet to discuss issues pertinent to the divorce and maintaining a healthy and cooperative parenting environment and learn the skills necessary to keep their children stable during this often difficult time.

PAX Tools-Parent Training

This monthly program provides parents with concrete tools to use with elementary age children.  Parents will learn ways to reduce conflict, build better relationships, and help children to manage their own behaviors. 


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