Parenting Programs

at YES Community Counseling Center

PAX Parent ToolsActive Parenting

Active Parenting for Elementary Age

A six-week parenting program helping parents of kids ages 5 -12 raise responsible, cooperative children who are able to resist negative peer pressure and thrive. A video & discussion education program to teach parents how to raise a child by using encouragement, building self-esteem, active listening, effective communication, and problem- solving.

Active Parenting Program for Teens

A six-week comprehensive parenting program helping parents of teens (13-18) to increase protective factors that prevent and reduce alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use; irresponsible sexual behavior; and violence. Changing parental norms and increasing awareness of the risk of substances during the teen years.

PAX Parent Tools Training

This program offers concrete tools to help parents/guardians to reduce conflict, build better relationships, and help elementary aged children to manage their own behaviors.