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Special training programs and group courses to enhance parenting skills and deal with issues of divorce, grandparent guardianship, etc.

At YES Community Counseling Center, we believe in the power of parenting. We maintain the position that an effective parenting style can prevent a great deal of both child and parent pain, and can make the difference in a family's life. Healthy and effective parenting raises healthy and stable individuals.

That's why YES places a high priority on parenting our next generation by offering several programs to parents and legal guardians

Active Parenting

All the love we have for our children doesn't automatically make us effective parents. Parenting, like any other skill, is something we have to learn and practice. In this program, parents spend six weeks developing important skills and techniques as well as discussing common issues. The program is divided into the school-aged and teen subgroups, based on the age of the children being parented.

Cooperative Parenting & Divorce

Children often suffer the most in the midst of a divorce, during this eight-week program parents at any stage of the divorce process meet to discuss issues pertinent to the divorce and maintaining a healthy and cooperative parenting environment and learn the skills necessary to keep their children stable during this often difficult time.

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Women In Shared Healing (WISH)
, provides comprehensive services for community members who have been physically, sexually, and/or emotionally abused as well as those effected by or witness to domestic violence.

For Individuals Affected By Domestic Violence or Child Abuse

Emotional, physical, and sexual abuse can chip away at one's spirit and leave life long wounds. Healing can begin when the person being abused no longer feels alone in their pain and can access the help of others. YES Community Counseling Center understands that a trusting therapeutic relationship is the first step towards hope and healing. Staff is extensively trained in working with those who have been abused.

Women In Shared Healing seeks to provide comprehensive services for community members including women, men, and children who have been physically, sexually, and /or emotionally abused, as well as those effected by or witness to domestic violence. This program aims to empower those who have been abused to access internal strengths and external resources necessary to reach one's potential.

Services include:

  • Individual Counseling
  • Family Counseling
  • Case Management
  • Advocacy and Referrals

Services provided are individualized, based on the unique needs and circumstances of the person in need. Additional agency programs are available to those who have been abused as well as family members; these may include substance abuse treatment, parenting skill groups, and leisure time activities.

 For more information about signs and symptoms of abuse and keeping you and your family safe visit the Abuse Helpguide.

A program that offers individual, group and family counseling to survivors of Superstorm Sandy who may still be struggling with the lasting emotional effects of the storm.

Everyone copes differently after a traumatic event like Superstorm Sandy.
Survivors may experience a wide range of responses:

  • sense of restlessness
  • fear
  • anxiety & anger
  • or experience nightmares
  • flashbacks and depression

- the responses are very personal.

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For Sandy-related services for seniors, click here

For Sandy-related services for children, click here

A variety of programs designed to support families in need such as a winter food pantry, leisure time and socialization, "Adopt-a-Family" holiday baskets, back-to-school supplies, etc.

 Family Support Programs

Beyond our Therapeutic or Social Work services, we are committed to bringing support to families in need. We do this in a variety of tangible ways:

  • Food Pantry  

In the winter months, YES maintains a food pantry stocked with non-perishable items and at times fresh meat and produce. This is made possible through the generosity of donations from community members and local foundations.

  • "Adopt-a-Family" Program

Local individuals and families are encouraged to "adopt" a family in need during the holidays. Through this program, families who are in need of resources are provided with gifts, food, etc.

  • Holiday Drive

Leading up to the holiday season, we collect toys, gifts, and food items to create gift baskets for families in the area that are finding it financially difficult to celebrate the holidays.

  • Henry Schein Backpack Program

Through the Henry Schein Corporation, we partner to provide backpacks filled with school supplies, clothing, and other school-related items to ease the burden of back-to-school spending for families.

  • Summer Trips

Thanks to the "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" Foundation, we are able to provide trips for local youth and their families with special family-building and alternative leisure time opportunities. Past outings have included trips to productions of: Snow White, Peter Pan, Major and Minor League Baseball Games, Fishing Trips, Long Island Ducks Games, and more.