Community Counseling Center

The Children’s Business Center for tomorrow’s business leaders.

Commerce Plaza opened it’s doors in 2000 with funding from the NY State Department of Education’s School to Work Initiative. 

The School to Work Initiative followed the School to Work Opportunities Act passed in 1994. The Act served as a solution for bridging gaps between education and employment after studies revealed that the U.S. lacked this coherent system for applying academic knowledge with employment and career development practices.  The School-to-Work Initiative was an optimistic approach to creating new ways for the academic world and the worlds of commerce and industry to connect.

Commerce Plaza embodies the mission and vision of the initiative bringing together the leaders in education with the leaders in business providing a forum in which students have the opportunity to combine knowledge with practice.

From its initial opening, communities across Long Island have embraced 
Commerce Plaza as a leader in providing students with practical experience in their preparation for the workforce.